About me

I’m a PhD student in Network Geometry at the University of Barcelona. Currently, I’m working on network embeddings in the multidimensional hyperbolic spaces.


  • (05.2024) Once again our group organized a workshop at X Festa de la Ciència (Science Days)
  • (03.2024) I was invited to talk about Network Geometry at Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology (link)
  • (03.2024) I gave a talk at APS March Meeting in Minneapolis about $D$-Mercator.
  • (01.2024) New preprint: Feature-aware ultra-low dimensional reduction of real networks is available online (link).
  • (11.2023) A first paper from my PhD has been published in Nature Communications! (link)
  • (10.2023) I presented a poster at XXIV Congreso de Física Estadística (FisEs’23) in Pamplona. My first conference in Spanish!
  • (09.2023) I participated in Visualizing Complexity Science Workshop organized by CSH in Vienna.
  • (08.2023) Delighted to give a talk at StatPhys28 in Tokyo about $D$-Mercator.
  • (07.2023) I took part in the XI GEFENOL Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex Systems in Barcelona.
  • (07.2023) I gave a talk at NetSci 2023 in Vienna about $D$-Mercator.
  • (05.2023) Our group organized a workshop at IX Festa de la Ciència (Science Days) explaining networks in the city of Barcelona. Take a look at our video about the transportation networks in Barcelona and also the promo video
  • (04.2023) New preprint: $D$-Mercator: multidimensional hyperbolic embedding of real networks (link)
  • (10.2022) Very glad to give a talk at CSS 2022 in Palma de Mallorca about D-Mercator – a tool to embed networks into multidimensional hyperbolic spaces.
  • (02.2022) I gave a talk at NetSciX 2022 about the role of time scales in coupled epidemic-opinion dynamics on multiplex networks.
  • (01.2022) New publication in Entropy with Anna Chmiel. The paper discusses the interplay between opinion dynamics and epidemic spreading in multiplex networks (link).
  • (10.2021) I started my PhD degree at University of Barcelona. I will work with Profs. M. Ángeles Serrano and Marián Boguñá on network geometry topics.
  • (07.2021) I was awarded the first prize for my engineering thesis (Predicting election polls using machine learning tools) by Section Physics in Economy and Social Sciences of Polish Physical Society.
  • (07.2021) I presented a poster about my master thesis at 11th Polish Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Science (FENS 2021)
  • (06.2021) I won an award for the best student’s presentation at the SFINKS conference. I presented an ABM model for generating interaction from agents’ preference and their relations.
  • (05.2021) I started working with Dr Anna Chmiel in her research grant “Modeling epidemic spread using comorbidities and social attitudes”.
  • (10.2020) I joined Prof. Holyst’s group of Physics in Economy and Social Sciences at WUT in project “Signed Relations and Structural Balance in Complex Systems: From Data to Models” as a student researcher.
  • (09.2020) New publication in Acta Physica Polonica A. with Julian Sienkiewicz. It investigates the important factors of popular scientific articles (link).